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   Transfer Credit Equivalency Search

Welcome to the Transfer Credit Equivalency search and lookup. This process allows you to view equivalencies here at the University of Maryland for institutions across the globe.

To find transfer course information on previously attended institutions, enter the school's name.

Search for an institution by entering part of its name or leave the box blank to find all institutions.
(For example: To search for University of Delaware, type "Delaware" or "dela" in the box)


You can further define your search by selecting a state. If you do not wish to limit the search, select "All States".


NOTE: The information provided by this Transfer Credit Equivalency Lookup can help you to determine how some courses at various institutions will transfer to the University of Maryland at College Park. The information is not complete, and some programs/majors reserve the right to limit acceptability of transfer credit.

The University does not award transfer credit for courses for which a D grade is earned (except from Maryland public institutions).

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