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Colleges Departments Core Courses GenEd Courses


AASP African American Studies
AAST Asian American Studies
AGNR Agriculture and Natural Resources
AMSC Applied Mathematics & Scientific Computation
AMST American Studies
ANSC Animal Science
ANTH Anthropology
AOSC Atmospheric and Oceanic Science
ARAB Arabic
ARCH Architecture
AREC Agricultural and Resource Economics
ARHU Arts and Humanities
ARSC Air Science
ARTH Art History & Archaeology
ARTT Art Studio
ASTR Astronomy
BCHM Biochemistry
BEES Behavior, Ecology, Evolution and Systematics
BIOE Bioengineering
BIOL Biology
BIOM Biometrics
BIPH Biophysics
BISI Biological Sciences
BMGT Business and Management
BSCI Biological Sciences Program
BSGC Global Communities
BSOS Behavioral and Social Sciences
BSST Terrorism Studies
BUAC Accounting and Information Assurance
BUDT Decision and Information Technologies
BUFN Finance
BULM Logistics, Business, and Public Policy
BUMK Marketing
BUMO Management and Organization
BUSI MBA Core and Cross-Functional
CBMG Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics
CCJS Criminology and Criminal Justice
CHBE Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
CHEM Chemistry
CHIN Chinese
CHPH Chemical Physics
CLAS Classics
CLFS Chemical and Life Sciences
CMLT Comparative Literature
CMSC Computer Science
COMM Communication
CONS Sustainable Development & Conservation Biology
CPSP College Park Scholars Program
DANC Dance
EALL East Asian Languages and Literatures
ECON Economics
EDCI Curriculum and Instruction
EDCP Education Counseling and Personnel Services
EDHD Education, Human Development
EDHI Education Leadership, Higher Ed and International Ed
EDMS Measurement, Statistics, and Evaluation
EDPS Education Policy Studies
EDSP Education, Special
EDUC Education
ENAE Engineering, Aerospace
ENBE Biological Resources Engineering
ENCE Engineering, Civil
ENCH Engineering, Chemical
ENCO Engineering, Cooperative Education
ENEE Electrical & Computer Engineering
ENES Engineering Science
ENFP Engineering, Fire Protection
ENGL English
ENMA Engineering, Materials
ENME Engineering, Mechanical
ENNU Engineering, Nuclear
ENPM Engineering, Professional Masters
ENPP Engineering and Public Policy
ENRE Reliability Engineering
ENSE Systems Engineering
ENSP Environmental Science and Policy
ENST Environmental Science and Technology
ENTM Entomology
ENTS Telecommunications
EPIB Epidemiology and Biostatistics
FILM Film Studies
FMSC Family Science
FOLA Foreign Language
FREN French
GEMS Gemstone
GEOG Geographical Sciences
GEOL Geology
GERM Germanic Studies
GREK Greek
GVPT Government and Politics
HACS ACES-Cybersecurity
HDCC Digital Cultures and Creativity
HEBR Hebrew
HEIP Entrepreneurship and Innovation
HESP Hearing and Speech Sciences
HHUM Honors Humanities
HISP Historic Preservation
HIST History
HLSA Health Services Administration
HLSC Integrated Life Sciences
HLTH Health
HONR Honors
INAG Institute of Applied Agriculture
INFM Information Management
INST Information Studies
ISRL Israel Studies
ITAL Italian
IVSP Individual Studies Program
JAPN Japanese
JOUR Journalism
JWST Jewish Studies
KNES Kinesiology
KORA Korean
LARC Landscape Architecture
LASC Certificate in Latin American Studies
LATN Latin
LBSC Library Science
LGBT Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Studies
LING Linguistics
MATH Mathematics
MEES Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Sciences
MIEH Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health
MOCB Molecular and Cell Biology
MSBM MS Mktg Analytics Track
MUED Music Education
MUSC School of Music
MUSP Music Performance
NACS Neuroscience & Cognitive Science
NFSC Nutrition and Food Science
PERS Persian
PHIL Philosophy
PHYS Physics
PLSC Plant Sciences
PORT Portuguese
PSYC Psychology
PUAF Public Affairs
RDEV Real Estate Development
RELS Religious Studies
RUSS Russian
SLAA Second Language Acquisition and Application
SLAV Slavic
SLLC School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
SOCY Sociology
SPAN Spanish
SPHL Public Health
STAT Statistics and Probability
SURV Survey Methodology
TDPS Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies
THET Theatre
TOXI Toxicology
UMEI Maryland English Institute
UNIV University Courses
URSP Urban Studies and Planning
USLT Latina/o Studies
VMSC Veterinary Medical Sciences
WMST Women's Studies

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