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   Welcome to the Transfer Credit Services Online Database

Transfer Database

Please note that this database is dynamic; we are constantly updating course equivalency data. While this data is as accurate and current as possible, the University retains the right to re-inspect any evaluation for which new information comes to light. Some course evaluations are noted as term-sensitive with start and end terms listed to indicate a change in how the University accepts the course for transfer. Several of the courses have footnotes that could impact the equivalency by either restricting or expanding how the course is accepted by UMD or applied to a student's major. Many of your questions may be answered on the FAQ webpage. Please review all data carefully and contact us at should you have questions.

PLEASE NOTE: If a course does not yet appear in our database, it does not mean UMD will not accept it for transfer. It simply means the course has not previously been evaluated for transfer. If you would like to request an evaluation of a course(s) not appearing in the database, simply send us an email to with your name, UID (if you are a current student), name of the institution where the course was taken, the course ID and course title at the transfer institution, along with a detailed course syllabus. This information will then be sent to the appropriate department for review. Course evaluations are completed by the academic department responsible for the scope and content of the course content. Once evaluations have been returned from the department, the information will be entered into the database, as appropriate. It is our goal to complete this process as quickly as possible. However, it can take up to several weeks for evaluations to be completed. We ask that you remain patient while waiting for this process to be finalized.

There are three ways to search the Transfer Credit Equivalency Database at UMD

  • Access the complete list of evaluated transfer courses from a specific institution (particularly useful for advisors and current UMD students).
  • Search the database one course at a time by typing in specific course IDs from the transfer institution. This allows you to build a list of only the courses you're interested in viewing.
  • Search by a specific UMD course ID to view a list of institutions where you can take an equivalent course and transfer it to UMD.

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